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Hi! I'm Mark! I'm a Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

I was always interested in photography.  When I was younger, I would always carry around a disposable camera and take random photos of people, friends and family.  I was really just doing it for the fun of it and not really thought of being a professional photographer.  


I've always been creative and some may say different.  I've worked as a graphic designer and have also managed kitchens.  I do, however, love photography and all aspects of it.  Portrait photography is my passion.  What I love about portrait photography, is that I get to meet different people and capturing those moments that they can treasure and share. 

I'm base in Winnipeg, Manitoba but willing to travel.  I love road trips.  They are the best for capturing some awesome landscape the country has to offer.  When I am not taking photos of people, landscape photography is another love of mine.  

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